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Carry on my wayward potato | Hello Tumblr, I have reached my goal of 100...

Carry on my wayward potato

May 27

Hello Tumblr, I have reached my goal of 100 followers :) I know its not that much compared to the legends out there, but I love my followers so much that I’m doing a free give away! :D

The rules are -

-This give away is for followers only  so you can follow me and still get free stuff. (I will be checking)

-You can like this, it will count

-You can also reblog this as many as 5 times, it will increase your chances of winning

-Your inbox must be open or else I will pull another URL

-You must respond within 24 hours or I will pull yet another URL

-The first winner gets to choose what they want from all the items and the second gets second choice and so on.

-I will ship anywhere in the US (preferred that you live here), but if you live outside the US then we can work something out

-There will be 14 winners, one for each prize

-The give away ends June 30th

-I will be using this random generator and I will impute all the URL’s my self


*This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr nor is it administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr in anyway, shape or form.


The prizes consists of fandom items;

Supernatural seasons 1-7
(unfortunately, some of the seasons have been used so I can not promise them in perfect condition because I have not taken it out of the box yet. There was an error in some of the shipment and they gave me used ones instead but they all look like they are in great condition)

The Walking Dead Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (comic; if you watch the walking dead and have never read the comic then I recommend this)

I will follow all winners, even if they miss the check in date

(All of the Doctor Who items are mine personally but most of it is in great condition, but some of them have been used before me and has a lot of writing on them like the books, but the rest is great)

A collectable K-9 pin

A collectable Classic Who pin

A Doctor Who sonic screw diver key chain (10th Doctor, and it lights up)

A Doctor Who sticker that says, "I am and always will be the optimist. ect."

(These next two books have been used, a friend of mine went to England and got me these at a shop)

Doctor Who Intergalactic Activity Book (Written on by children)

Doctor Who Annual 2006 (This one is really cool guys)

and lastly,

A Doctor Who Decide Your Destiny book


* You can ask me as many questions about it as you want to, my ask box is always open, I have two blogs so if you don’t get a response within a day or so then you can send the message to my other blog because I might be on that one. Here is a link to it. (That blog is my blog that I reblog thinks, mostly fandom so if you’d follow me there I’d appreciate it a lot)

(And sorry for such a long post. To apologist, here is a potato.)

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